New Registration Set-Up

The new Registration Page is up, however, the profile forms still need to be added. I wanted to get this page done and upload so that people could see how the system will work.

Eventually, I would like to see form pages on the site. This will have to suffice until the glitch in the e-mail aspect can be fixed.

What’s’ the glitch? While I can set up the form with no problem, when someone clicks “send’ to e-mail their content, it doesn’t come through. The e-mail is received, however, all that shows is this: *****

I’ve tried speaking with people who are familiar with the software being use. So far, no help. If you have experience with MS Frontpage and can help, please step up and let me know.


The Move is Done

Now that my move is done and I’m settled in, I expect to return to writing. As I write this, I’m making mental notes of what is left to do, what needs to be started, and what needs to be edited.

There are character tags to make, stories to post to, and so many other things. It’s my hope that my being active again will inspire the members to be as well.

I’m setting objectives for myself with The RPG Org. It’s my hope to have a number of them done by the end of the year. I’m giving myself 6 months to do this.

I’m hopeful

– Archivist

The Character Project & Adoptions

I started this project to offer viewers a place to view all the characters. The trick was to figure out how to do this without causing confusion. You see, since the beginning, each character profile is posted to the ‘character section’ of the venue it belongs in.

When you have a multi-venue forum, like ours, visitors must look into each venue to see the profiles. Well, not anymore. At least not with us. Now, visitors can go to one location to view ‘snapshots’ of the various characters on the forum. This solves the problem of offering a single space for people to see all the characters and yet keep the profiles in their respective venues. Each venue has its own thread so there’s no confusion as to who belongs where. Each character has its own post to their venues thread.

The posts include-

Character Status

The Snapshot


Either a link to the full profile or the message “Profile Pending”

If a character shows Profile Pending it could mean a number of things. The profile is missing, needs to be written or tweaked, has not been approved, or the player has not posted one yet- but we anticipate it to happen.

Yes, our rule is that a character must have a profile posted and approved prior to joining their venue, in active posting. Sometimes this gets by us, sometimes a character starts as an NPC ( non-player character) and then is so heavily utilized in a story that they either appear to be a PC (player character) or they’re promoted to PC status. It happens.

Another project that’s been set up is the Adoption Center. This is where characters go who were abandoned, characters who were created to fill a specific need in a venue but for some reason- the creator decided he or she did not want to portray the character themselves. Things like this happen.

Sometimes people create characters for no reason other than to create one. We have at least 2 players who do this. They create characters for the hell of it- and offer them up for others to bring to life. We like when this happens because frankly, sometimes a person will join us and have difficulty in creating a character. The Adoption Center gives them an alternative.

Links to these sections:

The Snapshots Area

The Adoption Center

Siouxland Shakedown

Something is amiss in Sioux City Iowa. News and reports have reach The Consortium and Torque is asked to select a team to investigate. What they find is unreal and supernatural. The team finds themselves allied with an unlikely person and one is taken out of commission.

~ This is an alternate reality story, it has no effect on events in the original venue: Psionics Millennium.

~  I put my own characters through the blender for the hell of it. This is officially my LAST vampire story.
Click Here to Read

What Archivist Achieved In January

I had started this project before taking to this Writer’s Planner. So, this entry is not listed among the objectives to achieve. As I’ve said previously- it’s a new year, new attitude, and hopefully a new perspective on my writing. Despite the work needed to be done on my novels, I opted to focus on The RPG Organization in 2018.

In 2017 I finally completed the edits on Siouxland Shakedown. This is an ‘alternate universe’ story to the venue Psionics Millennium: East Coast House. It is officially my LAST vampire story. I’m done and over the concept of vampires! And I’ve moved on to my psionics and other concepts.

On to January’s accomplishments!

I decided to create snapshots for the various characters within The Org. This was to give visitors a single place to check out the characters while keeping profiles in their respective venues.

So, first I set up an Excel file to track what the characters had or did not have. Starting with the snapshots- which contain a copy of the avatar, the characters street / code name, their give name, where they’re from, and where their alliances are. If they have certain abilities- like psionics do, that’s also included.

Because each venue has different requirements for characters, each set of snapshots is slightly different.

Each post to the snapshot threads start with the character’s status- active, hiatus, pending, etc. This is followed by the snapshot, then there’s a link to the full profile. Characters that are missing profiles show this as “profile pending”. Eventually, they will all have profiles.

I chose to work on Psionics Millennium first because it is the most active and popular venue. This means that it’s the most pressing with knowing who has what and who needs what.

There are a grand total of 30 active player-characters in this venue. So, it took me the better part of the month to complete this section. In and around this, I developed and fine-tuned the Excel tracker file.

I am happy to say that, aside from a few non-player characters, every character has an account, an avatar, a snapshot, and full profile posted and linked.

In February the project focus is on Psionics Beginnings. This is a companion venue to Millennium. It’s marketed as “Every story has a beginning. This is the one for The Consortium of Scientific Research and the psionics who started it.”


What Archivist Is Up To

All right, so let’s begin. January is officially done and gone. With it, I’m already off to a great start. No, I haven’t touched the novels, yet, as far as actually writing in them. What I have done is worked on items for The RPG Organization.

This all stems from the last year and completing the edits on Siouxland Shakedown. Once this was done, I was on a roll.

Then I started working on Some Things Never Die & Some Things Do. This is a much longer story with multiple writers vs. Siouxland Shakedown which was just me behind the writing.

I’ve interspersed this project with others like the character background one or editing another story here and there. So far I’ve completed subjecting 2 stories to : Return and Homecomings.

I still need to do this with the rest of the stories. There are 22 stories, between completed and active, from the Org. 22 stories among 5 venues, in 15 years is a nice history. Of course I’m not counting stories from defunct venues. I’m not sure that any of those were even finished.

Below is the list of Venues and their stories being archived. I’m fairly certain that they are in the right order. The word in parenthesis is the status of being written- complete, active, or unknown (may not have been completed). Some stories I need to look at more carefully than others.


East Coast House –

Some Things Never Die & Some Things Do (complete)

Aftermath (complete)

New Arrivals (complete)

Return (complete)

Loose Ends (active)

Evolutions & Revelations (unknown)

A Mid-Winter’s Nightmare (unknown)

Death Takes a Road Trip (unknown)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (unknown)

Arid Centre –

Mecha Rising (complete)


Homecomings (complete)


Her Journey (active)

Boundaries (active)


Arrival (active)


Siouxland Shakedown (complete)

The Dragon Riders Series

Riders on the Storm (complete)

Rise of the Magi (complete)

Fever (complete)

Awakenings (complete)

Exodus (complete)

Atlantis Discovered (complete)

Rocky Mountain Coalition (active)