What Archivist Is Up To

All right, so let’s begin. January is officially done and gone. With it, I’m already off to a great start. No, I haven’t touched the novels, yet, as far as actually writing in them. What I have done is worked on items for The RPG Organization.

This all stems from the last year and completing the edits on Siouxland Shakedown. Once this was done, I was on a roll.

Then I started working on Some Things Never Die & Some Things Do. This is a much longer story with multiple writers vs. Siouxland Shakedown which was just me behind the writing.

I’ve interspersed this project with others like the character background one or editing another story here and there. So far I’ve completed subjecting 2 stories to Grammarly.com : Return and Homecomings.

I still need to do this with the rest of the stories. There are 22 stories, between completed and active, from the Org. 22 stories among 5 venues, in 15 years is a nice history. Of course I’m not counting stories from defunct venues. I’m not sure that any of those were even finished.

Below is the list of Venues and their stories being archived. I’m fairly certain that they are in the right order. The word in parenthesis is the status of being written- complete, active, or unknown (may not have been completed). Some stories I need to look at more carefully than others.


East Coast House –

Some Things Never Die & Some Things Do (complete)

Aftermath (complete)

New Arrivals (complete)

Return (complete)

Loose Ends (active)

Evolutions & Revelations (unknown)

A Mid-Winter’s Nightmare (unknown)

Death Takes a Road Trip (unknown)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (unknown)

Arid Centre –

Mecha Rising (complete)


Homecomings (complete)


Her Journey (active)

Boundaries (active)


Arrival (active)


Siouxland Shakedown (complete)

The Dragon Riders Series

Riders on the Storm (complete)

Rise of the Magi (complete)

Fever (complete)

Awakenings (complete)

Exodus (complete)

Atlantis Discovered (complete)

Rocky Mountain Coalition (active)


Psionics Beginnings ~ Homecomings

This is the first story from this venue. We look forward to having more.

Short description:

Chauni Bontecou returns home to learn that her father has been murdered and a childhood friend becomes accused. Dark forces are revealed and conspirators abound. https://tinyurl.com/yb6vlw9p

The Character Project

Well, success! If you can call it that. I’ve been going through the site to determine which characters have profiles and which don’t. This started when I decided to create snapshot cards for them. This was in order to have a localized section for visitors to see all the characters in one section. In doing this, I discovered that a number of characters were missing their profiles. And so the project began.

One of the big reasons for this was that some of the NPCs (non-player characters) were heavily used in the stories they appeared in. In other words- they were used as primary characters. So, I bumped them up, promoted them to primary status. I will place ads for these characters in the adoption center once I’ve completed the profile project.

Psionics: Millennium is done! Last night I completed the run-through and double-checked to be certain. So far, there are 29 PCs (player characters) and 6 NPCs. Only one, so far, has been placed for adoption. She was one of my creations, and I’m thinking of doing this with a few of my other characters. I will use them as NPCs in the meantime.

There are 4 more Arenas to go through:

Arena 2- Psionics Beginnings
Arena 3- Eternal’s Realm
Arena 4- Metal Wars
Arena 5- Stargate Alpha

By the time I’m done each character will be either a PC or NPC, have a profile and snapshot posted ( if they’re a PC) and those for adoption will have ads in the adoption center. It’s a big project but it’s a labor of love.