The Character Project

Well, success! If you can call it that. I’ve been going through the site to determine which characters have profiles and which don’t. This started when I decided to create snapshot cards for them. This was in order to have a localized section for visitors to see all the characters in one section. In doing this, I discovered that a number of characters were missing their profiles. And so the project began.

One of the big reasons for this was that some of the NPCs (non-player characters) were heavily used in the stories they appeared in. In other words- they were used as primary characters. So, I bumped them up, promoted them to primary status. I will place ads for these characters in the adoption center once I’ve completed the profile project.

Psionics: Millennium is done! Last night I completed the run-through and double-checked to be certain. So far, there are 29 PCs (player characters) and 6 NPCs. Only one, so far, has been placed for adoption. She was one of my creations, and I’m thinking of doing this with a few of my other characters. I will use them as NPCs in the meantime.

There are 4 more Arenas to go through:

Arena 2- Psionics Beginnings
Arena 3- Eternal’s Realm
Arena 4- Metal Wars
Arena 5- Stargate Alpha

By the time I’m done each character will be either a PC or NPC, have a profile and snapshot posted ( if they’re a PC) and those for adoption will have ads in the adoption center. It’s a big project but it’s a labor of love.


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