What Archivist Achieved In January

I had started this project before taking to this Writer’s Planner. So, this entry is not listed among the objectives to achieve. As I’ve said previously- it’s a new year, new attitude, and hopefully a new perspective on my writing. Despite the work needed to be done on my novels, I opted to focus on The RPG Organization in 2018.

In 2017 I finally completed the edits on Siouxland Shakedown. This is an ‘alternate universe’ story to the venue Psionics Millennium: East Coast House. It is officially my LAST vampire story. I’m done and over the concept of vampires! And I’ve moved on to my psionics and other concepts.

On to January’s accomplishments!

I decided to create snapshots for the various characters within The Org. This was to give visitors a single place to check out the characters while keeping profiles in their respective venues.

So, first I set up an Excel file to track what the characters had or did not have. Starting with the snapshots- which contain a copy of the avatar, the characters street / code name, their give name, where they’re from, and where their alliances are. If they have certain abilities- like psionics do, that’s also included.

Because each venue has different requirements for characters, each set of snapshots is slightly different.

Each post to the snapshot threads start with the character’s status- active, hiatus, pending, etc. This is followed by the snapshot, then there’s a link to the full profile. Characters that are missing profiles show this as “profile pending”. Eventually, they will all have profiles.

I chose to work on Psionics Millennium first because it is the most active and popular venue. This means that it’s the most pressing with knowing who has what and who needs what.

There are a grand total of 30 active player-characters in this venue. So, it took me the better part of the month to complete this section. In and around this, I developed and fine-tuned the Excel tracker file.

I am happy to say that, aside from a few non-player characters, every character has an account, an avatar, a snapshot, and full profile posted and linked.

In February the project focus is on Psionics Beginnings. This is a companion venue to Millennium. It’s marketed as “Every story has a beginning. This is the one for The Consortium of Scientific Research and the psionics who started it.”



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