The Character Project & Adoptions

I started this project to offer viewers a place to view all the characters. The trick was to figure out how to do this without causing confusion. You see, since the beginning, each character profile is posted to the ‘character section’ of the venue it belongs in.

When you have a multi-venue forum, like ours, visitors must look into each venue to see the profiles. Well, not anymore. At least not with us. Now, visitors can go to one location to view ‘snapshots’ of the various characters on the forum. This solves the problem of offering a single space for people to see all the characters and yet keep the profiles in their respective venues. Each venue has its own thread so there’s no confusion as to who belongs where. Each character has its own post to their venues thread.

The posts include-

Character Status

The Snapshot


Either a link to the full profile or the message “Profile Pending”

If a character shows Profile Pending it could mean a number of things. The profile is missing, needs to be written or tweaked, has not been approved, or the player has not posted one yet- but we anticipate it to happen.

Yes, our rule is that a character must have a profile posted and approved prior to joining their venue, in active posting. Sometimes this gets by us, sometimes a character starts as an NPC ( non-player character) and then is so heavily utilized in a story that they either appear to be a PC (player character) or they’re promoted to PC status. It happens.

Another project that’s been set up is the Adoption Center. This is where characters go who were abandoned, characters who were created to fill a specific need in a venue but for some reason- the creator decided he or she did not want to portray the character themselves. Things like this happen.

Sometimes people create characters for no reason other than to create one. We have at least 2 players who do this. They create characters for the hell of it- and offer them up for others to bring to life. We like when this happens because frankly, sometimes a person will join us and have difficulty in creating a character. The Adoption Center gives them an alternative.

Links to these sections:

The Snapshots Area

The Adoption Center


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